#Day41 – Pluralsight – Fundamentals of Functional Programming in JavaScript

Fundamentals of Functional Programming in JavaScript

This course will teach you the foundations of functional programming using JavaScript. You will learn what a declarative coding means, immutable data structures using third party libraries, function chaining, pure functions and testing.

There is no exercise files for the course, which is the downside. But pause the video and write the code for yourself if you would like to get most out of this course.

Before starting, I was kinda ohh I know what functional programming is, but I am glad I spent two hours on this course. Instructor speaks in a good pace, not boring at all. I liked the testing part most, because I have never studied JS testing before. Even though it was short, 12 minutes or so, it gave me an idea. I recommend the course to anyone to learn about Functional Programming.


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