#Day17 [Frontend Masters] JavaScript: The Hard Parts Workshop

I have finished the first day of two-day workshop Javascript: The Hard Parts by a great instructor Will Sentance. He is just amazing. You can either watch it on Frontend Masters’ website or youtube. Of course, Frontend Masters’ version much more better quality. He knows what he is doing and how to teach Javascript. He is a graduate of Harvard and CEO of his own Bootcamp in England and US.

Don’t miss it. Put it on top of your list that you will never regret even after spending 7 hours on this course. Thumbs Up!

Wes Bos: Javascript 30: 30 Day Vanilla JS Coding Challenge

You can follow free Javascript tutorial Website created by Wes Bos, Canadian Bootcamp instructor. He is a well-known person in Toronto. 30 free Javascript tutorials in high quality. I have no idea what you are waiting for. Click here and start your 30-day journey. I said, right now. https://javascript30.com/

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