#Day11 – [Pluralsight] JS Objects and Prototypes and [Youtube] HTML5 Tutorial by Derek Banas

[Pluralsight] Javascript Objects and Prototypes has been on my list for a long time but I did not have a time go through it. Previously, I finished [Udacity] Object Oriented Javascript course. I know the OOP concept and I did some exercises on it. But it is such an important concept I would like to review it from different company. I am glad I did.

Even though, I got sleepy for the last couple of videos, just because I did not sleep well last night:)


[Youtube] HTML5 Tutorial by Derek Banas

I needed to review HTML5 features, after little bit search I found this one hour video on youtube, actually it was recommended by someone else to me. It covers almost everything in an hour. Good to refresh my HTML5 knowledge and page structure in HTML5

HTML 5 Tutorial by Derek Banas, he teaches a lot of stuff on his channel.

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