#Day9 – Kyle Simpson-Functional-Lite JavaScript – List Operations

Today, I completed the last section of Lynda.com Kyle Simpson-Functional-Lite JavaScript, List Operations.

He demonstrated implementations of May, Reduce, Filter functions as well as non functional Foreach function.

I have seen the implementations before when watching Udemy – Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp lessons.

Kyle teaches the theory of Functional Programming with where to use it and where not to as well.

I would rate the course 7 out of 10. He got me lost at the exercises videos specially number 4. He apologized to audience later for messing up.

This is the first course of Kyle Simpson I have completed. I always thought that he teaches too advanced and too deep. I am looking forward to start his ES6 course. I know most of the concepts of ES6 from Wes Bos’s ES6 for Everyone! course but definitely will spend some time on the same topic. Generators, promises are so new to me.

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