#Day8 – Kyle Simpson-Functional-Lite JavaScript, Learning Recursion

Today, I continued watching Lynda.com Kyle Simpson-Functional-Lite JavaScript’s second and third sections. I did not understand Recursion videos, he skips too fast at least it was fast for me.

I dived into Youtube to learn more about Recursion. I ran some code through the debugger to figure out how the recursion works. If you don’t understand stack it is almost impossible to understand Recursion.

I recommend `Introduction to Recursion` by CS Dojo. Even though he uses Java in his examples, you will get the idea.

Another good youtube video on Recursion is Fun Fun Fuction  channel. He explains things you cannot do with loop but only with recursive functions. I suggest you go through the example code by yourself.

I picked up the Professional Javascript for Web Developers (second edition) book from the Albion Public Library. I have three weeks to read it. This is book is on demand so I may not renew it for another three weeks.

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