#Day4 – Watch&Code, Back-End Basics, Kyle Simpson Basics of Programming

Today, I watched TodoMVC jQuery Part 2 video from Watch&Code Premium. Gordon goes through some functions of Todo App line by line. It was useful to see how he uses debugger to dive into the code and observe what happens when event listeners invoked.

I went through the code myself before the video, it was so helpful to do it one more time with him. I was kind of reluctant to deep dive into jQuery Code, because I am not interested in learning more jQuery, I have already intermediate level of knowledge. But this course is not jQuery, it is about going through someone else’s code to see how the app is structured and how it works.

The video was more than an hour, around 70 minutes. It was too long for me, so I used my pomodoro clock to make sure I take 5 minute breaks after every 25 minutes.


The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele
I watched the all chapter of BackEnd Basics and I got my working environment set up for Node, MongoD, and Express. Ready to rock Node.js!


Kyle Simpson – Basics of Programming with Javascript

I finished the Introduction part of the workshop (almost one hour). I had tried to read his You Don’t Know JS series books, I think I started from the wrong one. He has deep knowledge of JS, but I could not understand the stuff in the book well. I am planning to take his Advanced Javascript Course where he goes deep inside the language. I wanted to finish this course to get use to his teaching style with the concept I may already know well. First part was too easy, Tomorrow night, after my son goes to bed, I will try to complete the second and last part of the course. It is called Javascript Syntax.




My Multidimensional Array Iteration
I spent some time on working iterating very strange structure of Array. It is not classic iterating arrays inside an array.

I search on the algorithm on google but could not find it.

I first saw the JSON object returning from Wikipedia API while I was working on Udacity – Intro to Ajax Course. And I was thinking of how to iterate it since then. Tonight, after spending couple of hours I figured it out. Probably it takes only 10 minutes for an experienced developer to solve it:) I will upload the files to gitHub tomorrow or Monday.



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