#Day1 – Udacity – Intro to Ajax and Beginning Javascript Book

Udacity – Intro to Ajax

I finished the first lesson of Udacity – Intro to Ajax course yesterday.  Today, I completed the half of Lesson 2: Building the Move Planner App.

I used jQuery Ajax and JSON objects to develop an app by using two different APIs, New York Times Article API and Google Map API.

I think this course is little bit out-dated since Javascript’s native XMLHttpRequest is good enough to handle all, but I will finish the course anyway.

Udacity – Free Course

Beginning JavaScript (Fifth Edition)

I also borrowed Beginning JavaScript (Fifth Edition) from Toronto Public Library for three weeks. I used to see the book in the shelf but I never looked at it before. A good friend of mine recommended this book to me couple of days ago then I decided to give it a chance:)

I plan to read Regular Expression and Object Inheritance from this book, today I read Data Type Conversion and Multi-Dimensional Arrays from the book.

Beginning JavaScript
Toronto Public Library Link:

Amazon.ca (Canada) link:
CDN$ 46.84



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